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A review of "Bright" (2017), aka, "You're not as clever as you think, bro"

I'm not quite off hiatus yet - still stuck in real estate limbo after three deals went south for a variety of reasons beyond our control - but there's no point waiting any longer to write something about Bright.  Hell, Max Landis will probably be blacklisted by the time this goes live.  I'm never current.

Anyway, Bright is surprisingly mediocre for a movie as polarizing as it is.  It has some great things that balance out the truly atrocious stuff, and I guess if you're only looking for one end of the spectrum or the other, you'd probably dump it in your Worst and/or Best of 2017 lists.  Neither is fair - this is a movie that deserves to be forgotten.

Here's the good news: the cast is solid, the pacing is engaging, and the premise is just interesting enough to hook you.  If you scrubbed off the crappier aspects, you'd end up with a perfect lazy Sunday dad movie / laundry-folding movie / drink while browsing the SA forums and occasionally looking up movie.