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This is a blog about the movies I've seen and the minutes I've spent writing.

My goal is to be a successful novelist and storyteller, but I spend quite a bit of my free time watching movies instead.  Probably too much time.  So, I started this blog to keep track of exactly where all my time is going in order to give myself more discipline.

Every Sunday, I do a Week in Review post to recap the week so I can see exactly how many movies I watched (complete with mini-reviews for those of you who like random people's opinions) compared to how much time I've spent writing (measured in hours instead of minutes because that's easier to track.  I hate to break continuity, but "Movies or Hours" is an even worse name for my blog than what I already have).  You may notice that I'm equating one movie to one hour, regardless of the film length.  Is this fair?  Probably not, but it's easy.

Each Monday, I post a review for "The Hipster Holy Grail," which is my weekly effort to find a (relatively) obscure, unknown, or under-appreciated movie and talk about it before it's cool.  This means that I've arbitrarily limited my search to movies with less than 1,000 user ratings on IMDb that are at least ten years old.  Most of the time I look for stuff that's actually interesting, but there are some good-bad movies in there, too.  And a lot of stuff that's just wretched.

On Wednesdays, I'll post an entry in my writing journal about whatever happens to be on my mind at the moment.  Hopefully I'll have some good updates about what I'm currently working on.  I understand that every writer on the Internet is so self-absorbed that they've got a writing journal, but mine is unique in that it's specifically about me.  Is that a selling point?  Who knows?  Read a bit and decide for yourself, I guess.

And on Fridays I just write about whatever movie / time management stuff comes to mind.  Lately that's been reviews of whatever I've been watching with my kids.

They say that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert in something.  I'm pretty well on my way to becoming an expert on watching movies - maybe I can be an expert writer, too.