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Born Loser

If you're a fan of board games, heists, double-crosses, or just plain fun stories with a bit of a noir edge, you'll love Born Loser.

(Cover design by Megan Cranford (

You can read the following sample chapters here on my blog:

Chapter One

And here's the description from the back of the book:

Deception. Betrayal. Murder. Just an ordinary Game Night.

James Rutledge is no criminal. He’s fat, he’s cowardly, and he can’t even hold a gun, let alone fire it. His idea of the perfect crime is scoring free snacks and booze at Game Night. When the others started talking about robbing a bank, he thought they were just role-playing.

But when his friend’s business starts going under, they’re ready to take the game more seriously. The players? Six regulars from Game Night; an unlikely team of nerds and dreamers. The goal? A safety deposit box filled with three hundred thousand dollars in cash. The rules? Divide and conquer. It was almost the perfect plan.

But there’s something you should know about gamers. Everybody wants to win it all. Always.

If James is going to make it through the weekend alive, he’ll have to stop playing in co-op mode and play to win. This is no heist. This is a game. And the stakes have never been higher.

Born Loser is available for only $2.99 on, or you can get the print copy for $11.95.  (If you're interested in print, please consider buying direct from the CreateSpace Store.) 

Bitter People Without Souls

In the mood for something angry, funny, dark, and a little bit hopeful?  Try Bitter People Without Souls.

The description from the back of the book:

This is a book about people without souls.

It's not their fault. They were just born that way.

Mary Swanson works as a claims adjuster for a company that sells soul insurance. If her analysis looks good, she can grant permission for medical treatments to have a soul implanted. Not everybody can get approved, though. Not even Mary herself.

Mary's kids don't have souls, either. And one of them has cancer.

When an unexpected tragedy occurs and shakes up her already-shaken family, Mary finds herself at the end of her rope. She's out of patience, out of money, and running out of time to save her daughter. What she needs is a miracle.

Enter Bob Suffolk. Bob is a former client with a special talent: he knows how to take souls from other people.

It could change everything. With Bob's help, Mary plans to create the first ever black market for souls - and the world will never be the same.

Bitter People Without Souls is a darkly comic suspense tale with a touch of the Coen Brothers.  If you have a Kindle Unlimited account, you can read for free.  Please leave a review if you do!

I Need a Job

My debut novel, I Need a Job, is available for purchase on now for only $0.99!

The cover was designed by the talented and wonderful Megan Cranford (

The description from the back of the book:


Fresh out of college, Julia thought she had everything figured out: Draw a hit webcomic. Make lots of money. Become powerful. Save the world. But after six months of obscurity, a job might not be a bad idea.

With her comic floundering, Julia takes whatever opportunities come her way. It’s a hopeless quest filled with work-at-home scams, snooty hiring managers, juvenile delinquents, online sex chat, and a surprisingly large amount of sausage. Who knew making money could be so difficult - or humiliating?

"I Need a Job" is the hilarious story of Julia’s struggle for (modest) fame and (barely any) riches: a story for the unemployed, pre-employed, and underemployed.

Not convinced?  Try some sample pages.  Or, if you have either Prime or Kindle Unlimited, borrow it for a month for (almost) free and read the whole thing.  Either way, please remember to leave a review if you liked it.  And if you didn't like it, I guess post here and tell me what you'd like to be changed for the next time I write something.